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Truly safe, totally portable, multi-purpose fence system. Patented break-away mechanism activates upon impact

Portable | Multi-Purpose | Safe

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Fence Systems

Sport Fence International’s portable fencing system is a Nationally Recognized, Nationally Respected Product with Thousands of Satisfied Customers and millions of dollars in sales over the last 13 years!. Our fencing system employs a patended cutting edge technology with a proven track record.

Product Details


Stores Compactly

Easy to Install


Weather Resistant


Use Indoors or Out

Payment by Credit Card or Check



Truly Safe

Free standing
Break-away mechanism activates upon impact
Eliminates fear of injury
All plastic construction for safety and durability
No Sharp protruding edges

Totally Portable and Compact

Sets up quickly
No stakes or posts
Easy to transport
Stores compactly


Sports or Special Events

Multiple athletic and recreational uses
Crowd Control
Indoor/Outdoor versatility
All Weather
2 Fences in 1


Puts “over-the-fence” home runs back in the game
Turns “deep-gappers” into exciting plays at the base
Creates dramatic come from behind victories

Your Fence is a Revenue Source

Space for panel-attachable advertising banners can be sold to local merchantes and supporters season by season

Funds acquired can be used to offset the cost of a Sport Fence International system or to lease payments

Revenues from the annual renewal pf panel advertising can provide an excellent on-going source of income.

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